How It Works

  • Customer Meet

    Customer Meet

    We encourage our customers to talk about themselves, the things that move them, the things that their kids find excitable, etc. Tell us who you are, what moves you, and what you desire in your dream Projects. And we’ll show you how our team of experts can help bring the dream alive.

    Our approach to Interior Design & Implementation, you will be required to Book Our Odd Interiors Design, by paying a 10% advance on total cost (non-refundable) to book your Interior Designer.

    Briefing & Concept Design

    Understanding and listening to our clients is something that we believe is fundamental to the success of any project. Invariably, we recommend more than one initial idea, so as to demonstrate the potential of a project.

  • Concept Development

    Concept Development

    Refining any design can often involve exploring simultaneous ideas with our clients until a definitive concept is agreed upon.

    Concept Resolution

    Presented as a series of line drawings, presentation boards and 3D visuals, the chosen concept design can progress to the following stages of detailed design.

    Detailed Design

    We believe that in designing the finest details, you invariably create the most beautiful projects. Similarly, the more time we invest at this stage, we can deliver a more professional and accurate project.

  • Estimation

    Estimation & Agreement

    Away from the creative processes, we are equally passionate about total clarity, transparency and accuracy when estimating our projects. We offer our clients the highest standard of account management, ensuring all of our projects are tendered and controlled precisely.

    Material Selection

    A large part of this design stage involves selecting the exact laminate shade, fabric, internals and handles. The design process comes to a close once you’ve selected all the materials in consultation with your designer

    Project Site Execution

    Once all products and materials are delivered on-site, the Project Manager and his team of experts (Carpenters, Electrician, Painters, Plumber) work round-the-clock to complete all installations.

  • Work Completion

    Work Completion & Handover

    Customer satisfaction: Odd Interiors offers interior design and faux finishing services for various homes and living spaces. They provide interior decorating, custom lighting design services and more.

  • Warranty


    Odd Interiors Our materials are therefore sourced from the very best, giving you peace of mind, and we give you a 5 year warranty on ‘woodwork’ because we understand how important it is for your ‘dream projects’ to stand the mild ravages of time

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