Customized Furniture For Sale

Our large range of ready assembled furniture not only provides huge convenience of having furniture that is ready to be used, but also combines an air of stylistic sophistication.

Make the most of your new furniture as soon as it arrives, knowing in advance exactly how it will look once it’s placed in that perfect spot in your room. Our ready assembled furniture is made from high quality woods, such as oak and pine, both featuring intricate details of graining, knots and blemishes that only add to the warmth and charm of your room. Provide storage for your belongings as soon as you place your new furniture in the allocated room of your home, our ranges of ready assembled furniture, making a perfect space for unseasonable bedding, clothes and trinkets. Our reassuringly sturdy solid wood furniture features characteristics of handcrafted wood, such as dovetail joints and solid tongue and groove floors.

Customized Products

Dining Table

Model : Dining Table

Material : Thick Wood

Measurement : 6 X 2

Bed Cart

Model : Bed Cart

Material : Thick Wood

Measurement : 6 X 4

Tea Table

Model : Tea Table

Material : Wood

Measurement : 2 X 4


Model : 2Chairs

Material : Wood

Measurement : 2 X 2


Model : 1Sofa

Material : Cotton

Measurement : 3 X 5

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