About Us

Odd Interior is pioneers in rendering all sorts of commercial and residential interiors. We provide services throughout Tamilnadu and other southern metros. Our ever growing clientele stands testimony to our quality standards, adopted the designing stage, execution stage and all our Projects are time bound as we sincerely believe that TIME IS MONEY

Today, Interior designing has entered into a new sector, there is such huge prominence on designing interiors that clients are ready to spend as much as they pay for building construction. Sub elements of planning, interiordesign like contours, shades, lighting and space utilization are regarded with intricate detailing. Clients want to have the best living spaces, be it interior home design or office interior design; people view their living space as an extension of their qualities

We understand that your needs are entirely unique according to changing of time. Your interiors need to feel welcome and look beautiful, reflect your individuality and enhance the way you live. As experts in interiors designing, we understand that your environment can greatly enhance your day to day living. We provide a modern lookto your home, office, retail shop, hotel, restaurant, Gym or Mahal depends upon your preference and budget.Our designer will list every detail such as light sources, electrical points, entrance and exit points, furniture layouts and acoustics to create a new plan that can maximize the space according to your needs. We can convert even the simplest of rooms into a masterpiece and make your dream fulfilled


Are you looking out for Interior Designers in Chennai?

If yes, then we are amongst the best Interior Designer in Chennai, India. We are a team of Modern Interior Designers who believe in converting your imagination into reality. We are here to connect you with your dreams, and to familiarize you about what you have been missing all along.

Innovative Designs:

We provide the best designing services with unique and creative designs. We are sure that you will be surprised to see the end-result of the work done by us. Our designs are sure to inspire your imagination, to the high point. With their years of experience, creativity and precision, they put in their best efforts in giving you timeless designs for your living space.

Customize Solutions:

We sit down with you and work out each and every detail to understand your needs and preferences, and try to create a balance with your personal taste and our creativity.

Satisfaction Assurance:

After seeing the end-result we are sure that you would be extremely glad to have us chosen, as your interior designers.


We support you with all your latest interior designing ideas and plans, and try to blend them in together to create a masterpiece for you to stay in. Contact us to make your dream reality!

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