Our Services

Residential Interior Design

Our residential interior designer works on the interiors keeping the connectivity in mind.

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior designers design public spaces such as office buildings, marriage mahal, hotels, etc.,

Educational interior design

We work from kindergarten, primary and secondary educational institutes to high school, colleges and university.

Healthcare Interior

We focused on enhancing health, quality and safety of healthcare interior environments

Hospitality Interior Design

We focuses on environments that entertain or host the public, including restaurants, hotels, theatres, etc.,

Furniture Planning And Placement

The placement of lamps, sofas, tables, chairs and other furnishings should be planned, rather than scattered.

Renovation works

Renovation at a distance can sound scary, but with Odd Interiors it can be a stress-free endeavour

Facade Works

Interior & Exterior Elevation Work, Shutter Gate case, Industrial Shades and Parking Shades offered by us

Project Management

Interior design projects there are three major areas that need to be addressed: Design, Cost, Time frame.

Latest Projects

Rising Fitness Studio

Project: Rising Fitness Studio

Client : Prakash

Site : T.Nagar

Size : 2000 sqft

Project: Kiosk

Client : Aawat

Site : Sukhumvit

Size : 420 sqft
House Interior

Project: House Interior

Client : Gowei

Site : Bangkok

Size : 890 sqft

Project: Renovation

Client : Naveena

Site : Velachery

Size : 1550 sqft








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